Persian Supperclub 



TXOKO? I hear you ask. What is that word? How do you pronounce it? CHOKO.

Where does it come from? It’s a basque word describing a secret gastronomical society.


Supperclubs and Persian food is new to Eating with Precious. Persian food uses  saffron, cardamom, raisins, dates and rosewater as main ingredients.

The supperclub is not only an evening for feasting it also a wine tasting experience.


  1.  1. Goat cheese & dried figs cigars with Za’atar
  2. Orange, dates & watercress salad
  3. Tahchin (Iranian layered rice) with lamb, black eyed peas and barberries
  4. Fereni (cream pudding) with Sohan-e-Qom (Saffron brittle with pistachio and almonds



  1. Hibiscus, Rosewater & Prosecco
  2. Petit Ballon Blanc




Goats Cheese and Dried Figs with Za’tar

Fereni with Sohan-e-Qom

Saffron brittle

Orange, dates and watercress salad

Fereni with Sohan-e-Qom



What were Eating With Precious’ thoughts?

The supperclub was a fun dining experience to try something new. The hosts (Reshma and Wendy) were full of knowledge having spent several months researching, shopping and cooking Persian food before settling on the final menu.  Reshma (Txoko Supperclub’s) wine expert talked through the wine choices and guests were invited to experience wine tasting.

The supperclub dining table was laid out beautifully, decorated with dried rose petals to match the Persian dinner theme.

All four courses were full of flavour and dish of the day was the Tahchin a multilayered dish with four rices, lamb and decorated with barberries.


Would Eating With Precious recommend the Txoko Supperclub?

Yes. the Persian menu is available for the next three months and the next event November 19th.

Txoko change their menu every three months so you can sample another taste of the west.



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