Likya x Food Bloggers 🇹🇷

The best place in london for Turkish food 🇹🇷 (So good even a certain Turkish footballer visits!) Likya has an Ocakbasi.  What is that I hear you ask? A fire pit grill.   It was the restaurant chosen for the WDA  London food blogger event. This event was sponsored by Riddles Ice Tea. This event brought together severalContinue reading “Likya x Food Bloggers 🇹🇷”


Mein Tay Vietnamese Cuisine What did EatingwithPrecious order? Chargrilled Quail with Honey, Garlic and Spices Fresh Roll with Prawn Prawn Crackers Steamed Rice Drinks: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, Homemade Lemon Juice and Ice View this post on Instagram 4. Quail Vietnamese Style. #vietnam #vietnamesefood #quail #coriander #prawns #prawncrackers #asianfood #PreciousEats #clapham #claphamcommon #mientay A post sharedContinue reading “MEIN TAY”


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