5 Street Food Restaurants to eat at for £10 or less

Sometimes you want to eat out but not spend lots of £££. Perhaps you want a quick bite to eat but not wait over 30 minutes for your food to be cooked/delivered. There are so many places to try, so here is my current 5 street food places to eat for £10 or less inContinue reading “5 Street Food Restaurants to eat at for £10 or less”


It’s the new year which meant it was time to venture and try something new!  Ramen Noodles.  I ventured to Kanada-Ya, on a rather cold January evening with Sasha from Inspire LS magazine. From the outside I could see Kanada-Ya was a place where I wanted to eat – a queue of people outside is alwaysContinue reading “Kanada-Ya”

The Dayrooms Cafe 

What is this place? The Dayrooms Café is an Australian inspired Café which serves fresh coffee, and breakfast and lunch dishes. There is  two london locations: Notting Hill and Holborn.  EatingwithPrecious visited the Holborn site which is more takeaway than the Cafe at the Notting Hill Site. (outside)  What is the vibe of The DayroomsContinue reading “The Dayrooms Cafe “

The Localist 

A contemporary European restaurant and a hidden gem 💎 in the heart of Farringdon, London. EatingwithPrecious visited The Localist on a rather cold winter Monday evening but the experience did not disappoint. What is The Localist Like? The Localist has cool rustic exposed brick walls which then meet chic blue interiors throughout the restaurant, barContinue reading “The Localist “


Unleash your inner rascal – Rascals London Tag line So we tried to come up with our own. We’re all rascals here  – Friends of EatingwithPrecious Is this Dizzee Rascals place? – also Friends of EatingwithPrecious. The big sister of  Ballie Ballerson has opened to the public and its called RASCALS.  I had been wanting toContinue reading “RASCALS “

Franco Manca

Franco Manca  The Sourdough Pizza Place https://www.instagram.com/p/BXfW9s8BxIm/?taken-by=eatingwithprecious   What did  EatingwithPrecious order?  Chorizo, Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Pizza   What was the best part of the meal? Finally having our pizza’s arrive after a 25 minute wait.   Would EatingwithPrecious go again? If I was not Hangry (Hungry and Angry) orContinue reading “Franco Manca”


Giraffe  The “Global” Restaurant  What did  EatingwithPrecious order?   https://www.instagram.com/p/BXvYLrABO8l/?taken-by=eatingwithprecious Prawn Saganki with Feta Cheese and Flatbread  Crispy Shredded Duck Steamed Gua Bao Buns  Steak and Chips  BBQ RIbs with Sweet Potato Fries   What was the best part? The Crispy Shredded Duck Steamed Gua Bao Buns.  Would EatingwithPrecious go again? Jury’s out EwP isContinue reading “Giraffe”


Mamalan Clapham Common The Place for handmade Beijing street food. What did  EatingwithPrecious order?   Beef and Spring Onion Dumplings Pork and Chinese Leaf Dumplings Crispy Chicken Buns   Drinks:  Asian Persuasion Flourish and Fade   Best part of the meal? – The cocktails and dumplings were great and the service was fast. Would EatingwithPreciousContinue reading “MAMALAN”


Mein Tay Vietnamese Cuisine What did EatingwithPrecious order? Chargrilled Quail with Honey, Garlic and Spices Fresh Roll with Prawn Prawn Crackers Steamed Rice Drinks: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, Homemade Lemon Juice and Ice View this post on Instagram 4. Quail Vietnamese Style. #vietnam #vietnamesefood #quail #coriander #prawns #prawncrackers #asianfood #PreciousEats #clapham #claphamcommon #mientay A post sharedContinue reading “MEIN TAY”


Baba G’s Bhangra Burger Street Food https://www.instagram.com/p/BVNb75Ehs9T/?taken-by=eatingwithprecious What EatingwithPrecious ordered?  Chicken Tikka Pachos. Pachos? What is that I hear you ask. They’re  poppadoms broken up like nachos)   What was the best part of the meal? The Crunchy texture of pachos with the mango chutney!   Would EatingwithPrecious return? Yes – the burgers look interesting.Continue reading “BABA G’S”


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