Unleash your inner rascal – Rascals London Tag line

So we tried to come up with our own.

We’re all rascals here  – Friends of EatingwithPrecious

Is this Dizzee Rascals place? – also Friends of EatingwithPrecious.

The big sister of  Ballie Ballerson has opened to the public and its called RASCALS. 

I had been wanting to go here since I received the email about it’s opening.

I gathered a couple of my friends for a belated birthday celebration. 🎈🎉

The inside of Rascals has a cool funky interior, low lighting and pink vibes. It could be mistaken for a club if you walked past.

The menu consists of small plates (meat, fish)  and has options for vegetarians.

There’s an option for sharing plates but sometimes sharing is not caring! 🤣

We started the night with some Birthday shots  🎈 🎉

What did we order?

1. Lobster toast

The verdict:

Four out of five of us ordered this dish. This went down a treat on the table. Tasty fresh lobster with a bit with a sweet chilli 🌶 tang.  We wanted more!

2. Tempura squid spirals with Apple aioli, topped with squid ink 🍎 🐙

The verdict:

Two people ordered this. Another  tasty 😋 dish with a contrast of  sweet and salty. The squid ink crisp reminded us of salted crisps. This was a beautifully created dish. Trying squid ink was a first for many of us.

3. Dukkah, Carrots and Beets 🥕

The verdict:

Lucy, who is a vegetarian loved this dish. Dukkah is the spice sprinkles around the dish.

4. Cod waves 🌊 🐟

The verdict: 

A friend of EatingwithPrecious ordered this. His verdict – was an interesting appearance but a thumbs up for taste.

5.  Prosecco sprouts and cauliflower  🥂

The verdict: 

Although not mentioned in the name this also included blueberries and kale. Lucy raved about the sprouts.  I’m  someone who dislikes sprouts and avoids them in every roast dinner. I gave one a try and I must say they were delicious – sweet with a hint of prosecco aftertaste.

6.Pan roasted lamb rump 🍖 🥔

The verdict:

Now, this was easily the best dish of the evening 😋. Not only was the presentation great 👍🏾 the flavours from the lamb,  and gravy were mouthwatering.

✅ ⭐️

The only downside to this was the portion size!  MORE please!

The best dish of the evening

What did we order to Drink? 

Heineken 🍻

Yuzu Pretty- Cocktail 🍹

This was an aesthetically pleasing  drink. It’s made with Brandy, white rum, yuzu and matcha 🍵.  Sadly it’s a bit too strong for EatingwithPrecious.

After dinner 🍴 we moved next door 🚪 to BallieBallerson for some cocktails and fun in the adult ball pit.

The drink 🍹 of choice – Dabbie Dabberson a fun sweet cocktail with the Dip Dab sweet and sherbert. I even did the “Dab” dance move when I received my drink 💃🏾

Lots of balls and people having fun!

After watching people have fun we decided it was time to get involved.

Having fun Lucy in the adult ball pit.
Would EatingwithPrecious recommend Rascals? 

Absolutely, this is a cool restaurant with friendly staff.  Our waiter Pedro was great and so funny.

Friends of EatingwithPrecious thought Rascals is reasonably priced for it’s food and drinks and in a great location in shoreditch.

Although it’s recently opened, it’s still going through it’s soft opening and changes.

EatingwithPrecious has high hopes for the future of Rascals including the bottomless brunch!  This is on the list of places to return again in 2018.

Have you been to Rascals  or Ballie Ballerson?

Are you going to visit ?

Let me know!

P x

7 thoughts on “RASCALS 

  1. Oh my word this has made me hungry and excited 😋. Can’t wait to try it out for myself, maybe even for a cheeky birthday celebration 🍾.

  2. I love it when I am surprised by a veggie dish. So often we are just left with a token mushroom. Thanks for sharing the vegetarian options too Precious, great blog.

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