Le Meridien – Afternoon Tea

Le Meridien 

Afternoon Tea at the Terrace Bar and Grill

                                                 The Terrace overlooks Picadilly, London.

What did  EatingwithPrecious order?

The Classic Afternoon Tea consisting of:


Moroccan Mint with Rose

Earl Grey

Best part about the Afternoon Tea? –  Chicken and Pesto on Mediterranean Bread, Scones, Blueberry Macaroons and the Carrot Cake. 


Would EatingwithPrecious Return? Yes – Lets try the Brunch!

Moroccan Mint Tea with Rose

Marbled White Chocolate in the ElderChatBerry Shots


Carrot Cake
Blueberry Macarons
Battenberg Cake


Inside the Terrace


Franco Manca

Franco Manca

 The Sourdough Pizza Place



What did  EatingwithPrecious order?

  1.  Chorizo, Tomato and Mozzarella Pizza
  2. Tomato, Mozzarella and Basil Pizza


What was the best part of the meal? Finally having our pizza’s arrive after a 25 minute wait.


Would EatingwithPrecious go again?

If I was not Hangry (Hungry and Angry) or in a rush for sure! Big portion sizes, cheap prices = Winner.

Bump & Grind

Bump and Grind 


#BumpinandGrindin like R.Kelly


This is a place where wild BRUNCH dreams are alive.

It’s a lively, quirky (check out the lego head below) restaurant that turns into a bar at night (64th and Social).

What EatingwithPrecious ordered? – Chicken and Waffles (Buttermilk Chicken with Maple Syrup and Chives), and Coffee.


The Game Changer Coffee


  1. Chicken and Waffles for Brunch in the UK – Amazing.
  2.  Excellent Coffee – This was my first Coffee in about 10 years and I was converted.
  3. Staff were super  fun, Chatty, Sociable.
  4. When the bar opens you can have a boozy brunch – I opted to make my cocktail (Thanks Guys)  a Mango Mimosa.

Would EatingwithPrecious return? Silly question – It’s a  YES


P x



The “Global” Restaurant 

What did  EatingwithPrecious order?



  1. Prawn Saganki with Feta Cheese and Flatbread
  2.  Crispy Shredded Duck Steamed Gua Bao Buns
  3.  Steak and Chips
  4.  BBQ RIbs with Sweet Potato Fries


What was the best part? The Crispy Shredded Duck Steamed Gua Bao Buns. 

Would EatingwithPrecious go again? Jury’s out EwP is Undecided




Inamo – This is a quirky, interactive but super fun restaurant. Inamo prides itself on being a fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisines.

What EatingwithPrecious ordered:
8 Sharing Plates Which consisted of:

  1. Spicy Salmon Maki Sushi Roll
  2. Korean Chicken Wings
  3. Salt and Pepper Squid Rings
  4. Scezhuan Chicken
  5. Vegetable Spring Rolls
  6. half a Crispy Duck
  7. Red Dragon Roll
  8. Korean Barbecue Ribs


Drinks: Two glasses of Prosecco

A lot of food… Right? (Yes we had a take away bag).

Which was the best of the food? – The Scezhuan Chicken, Salt and Pepper Squid, Spicy Salmon Maki Sushi Roll.

Check out Spicy Salmon Maki (Sushi Rolls).



Clapham Common

The Place for handmade Beijing street food.

What did  EatingwithPrecious order?


  1. Beef and Spring Onion Dumplings
  2. Pork and Chinese Leaf Dumplings
  3. Crispy Chicken Buns



  1. Asian Persuasion
  2. Flourish and Fade


Best part of the meal? – The cocktails and dumplings were great and the service was fast.

Would EatingwithPrecious return back to Mamalan? It’s a sure yes!


Mein Tay

Vietnamese Cuisine

What did EatingwithPrecious order?

  1. Chargrilled Quail with Honey, Garlic and Spices
  2. Fresh Roll with Prawn
  3. Prawn Crackers
  4. Steamed Rice

Drinks: Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice, Homemade Lemon Juice and Ice

Best part of the meal? THE QUAIL! It’s not for everyone but it’s well seasoned.

Environment: Quiet, Attentive Staff

Would EatingwithPrecious return? Yes! I’ve been dreaming about this spicy quail for a while.






Bella Italia

The Classic Italian

What did EatingwithPrecious order?

  1. Spinach, Ricotta Lasagne
  2. Gluten Free Veggie Pizza
  3. Prawn Risotto
  4. Grilled Salmon & Vegetables
  5. Calzone
  6. Cookie Dough Al Forno
  7. Shotglass Desserts
  8. Billionnaires Shortbread


Best part of the meal? – Spinach and Ricotta Lasgane, Prawn Risotto, Calzone, Cookie Dough Al Forno and Shotglass Desserts


My Old Dutch

The place for sweet and savoury pancakes as big as your head.

What did EatingwithPrecious order?

  1. Bacon and Cheese Savoury Pancake,
  2. Bacon and Maple Syrup Pancake,
  3. Gluten Free Cheese, Tomato and Olive Pancake,
  4. Cheese, Tomato and Olives Pancake



  1. Berry Delight Smoothie
  2. Oreo Shake

What was the best part of the meal ?

The portion sizes, they were huge! Great value for money.

Would EatingwithPrecious return? 

Yes, EatingwithPrecious returned twice for this feature.




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