It’s the new year which meant it was time to venture and try something new!  Ramen Noodles. 

I ventured to Kanada-Ya, on a rather cold January evening with Sasha from Inspire LS magazine.

From the outside I could see Kanada-Ya was a place where I wanted to eat – a queue of people outside is always a good sign.

Kanada-Ya is a compact venue but it gives off major cosy vibes so don’t be put off by it’s size.    There are two sites in London incase you can’t beat the queue outside and do make sure you’re not #HANGRY when you get there to queue.

The staff inside Kanada-Ya were friendly and attentive right from the moment we sat down.  Both Sasha and I were unsure what to order especially as dishes included ingredients such as Wood Ear Fungus (yes,  you read that right), yuzu, and yadkiniku but our waiter gave recommendations which made it easier.

What was ordered:

1. Tonkotsu- (Pork belly, Pork Bone Broth, Seaweed, Ramen, Wood Ear Fungus, Spring Onions) with Hard Noodles. Kanada-Ya offers choices of noodle hardness.

2. Chasu Don (White Rice, Chashu Pork and Spring Onions)

3. Karage (Japanese fried chicken and yuzu mayo)

Chasu Don

This is a layered dish, pull away the pork and you uncover the rice. 


Look at the broth! 




All items on the menu were reasonably priced:

Tonkotsu – £10.50

Chashu Don £4.00

Karage £4.00

Both Sasha and I opted for non alcoholic drinks priced between £2-3.00


Best Dish?

Tonkotsu – It was really filling lots of Ramen noodles and the broth soup was tasty.  I was really aprehensive about the wood ear fungus. It doesn’t have a strong taste, it adds more texture to the broth and comes with a fragrant smell adding to the overall smell of the dish.


For more information about @Kanada-Ya

Thanks to Kanada-Ya and Sasha from  Inspire LS

Are you a Ramen fan 🍜?

Let me know

P x

The Dayrooms Cafe 

What is this place?

The Dayrooms Café is an Australian inspired Café which serves fresh coffee, and breakfast and lunch dishes. There is  two london locations: Notting Hill and Holborn.  EatingwithPrecious visited the Holborn site which is more takeaway than the Cafe at the Notting Hill Site.


What is the vibe of The Dayrooms Café?

Relaxed, minimalist pink vibes.

The Holborn site is a great place to grab  quick food to go, or a catch up over a drink. 

It’s good for hot drinks offering variations of coffee including  piccolo, espressos and teas (think Melbourne breakfast, sencha green).


The inside of The Dayrooms Café is an interior design dream, with the patterned tiled flooring.



To the pink coffee machine.


The food at The Dayrooms Café is  fresh, healthy and handmade by the in house chef.



What did EatingwithPrecious order?

  1. Sweet Potato Lasange with side salad ✅ 
  2. Hot Chocolate ✅
  3. Spiced Rasperry and Vanila Loaf ✅

 The sweet potato lasange came with a delicious tomato sauce and an egg on top. This was a filling dish – suitable for a cold winter lunch.

☕️The hot chocolate – it’s always good when a hot drink has coffee art. Good job on this Kat. This wasn’t a bitter hot chocolate, it was a great amount of sweet.



This loaf ✅ the flavours work well and if you don’t like spice I can assure you it’s very mild (think cinnamon).
There’s a cold drink section if you’re not a fan of hot drinks. There is even ugly drinks 

Would EatingwithPrecious recommend The Dayrooms Café?

Yes, The Dayrooms Café provides options for all eaters, there is a good amount options for vegans and vegetarians.  The Dayrooms changes the salads available each week so there will always be something different.

As the food arrives in takeaway dishes so it’s easy to grab and go if your busy or if you have some time sit and eat. Remember, this is a small location so if you want to catch up with 10 friends perhaps go to the Notting Hill site. 

The staff working on the day Amanda, Imogen and Kat were friendly and helpful explaining some of the dishes. 

Would you visit this cafe? Which location would you go to?

Which dish would you want to try? 

Let me know 🤷🏾‍♀️

P x

The Localist 

A contemporary European restaurant and a hidden gem 💎 in the heart of Farringdon, London.

EatingwithPrecious visited The Localist on a rather cold winter Monday evening but the experience did not disappoint.

What is The Localist Like?

The Localist has cool rustic exposed brick walls which then meet chic blue interiors throughout the restaurant, bar and bathrooms which give off a relaxed vibe.

The menu offers a range of sharing plates, sides, fresh “Surf” from Billingsgate Fish Market and “Turf” meat from Smithfield Market. There are also Veggie options available.

What did EatingwithPrecious order?

1. BBQ Glazed Chicken Wings with paprika 🍗

The chicken wings were all great sizes and so tasty. There is a sweet flavour with this dish from the BBQ and paprika rather than spicy.

A clear favourite of the evening. ✅⭐️

2.  Fried Mozzarella bites

This was served with avocado and sweet chilli sauces were good additions to the Mozzarella bites adding more flavour.

3. Truffle and Parmesan Fries 🧀 🍟

The scent of the truffle fries is divine. I knew they were arriving as I could smell them from the kitchen.

These fries are made truffle oil rather than decorated with truffle shavings and garnished with Parmesan shavings.

Good portion size, arrived hot, great taste.

4. “Chef Special” Tempura Prawns 🍤

This is a winner 🏆 ! Great tasting sweet chilli sauce and juicy prawns.



Main Courses:

1.  Spicy Pork Sausage Burger 🍔




This is a handmade stacked and jam packed burger filled with broccoli, lettuce, tomato and smoked Scamorza cheese.  The European theme was clear with this burger with the use of Scamorza cheese from Italy.

This burger is a great portion size, it came piping hot and the pork sausage has a hint of spice which is just enough.  If you want more spice you could add the chilli oil which is provided on the table.

The burger is served with slices of sweet pickled gherkins on the side which brings a refreshing aftertaste from the burger.



2. Lemon and  Honey Sea Bream 🍋🍯 🐟


The sea bream was delicious with contrast of sweet from the honey and crunchy salad.  This was a good portion size and a healthy dish.

The Verdict:

The ⭐️ dishes from the evening: BBQ Glaze Chicken Wings, Prawn Tempura and Lemon and Honey Sea Bream.


Would EatingwithPrecious recommend The Localist?  


The Localist has attentive staff, reasonably priced food and relaxed vibes where you can eat your food, have conversations and not feel rushed.  The only regret of the evening was not ordering the Prawn and Charcoal Burger bun also, but that is saved for another time.

The restaurant is bigger than it initially looks, the space is utilised well with various sections throughout the venue.

The Localist also offers deals like happy hour drinks and set menus and  adds a cool touch to even the smallest details. The receipts arrive in a trinket box below.

This place would be good for, catch ups drinks, meetings or an intitmate dinner.

Thanks to The Localist team and Local Spoon.

Are you going to visit the Localist? http://thelocalist.london/

Have you heard of Local Spoon? Grab 50% off the A La Carte Menu here Localist Voucher 

Let me know below,

P x




Unleash your inner rascal – Rascals London Tag line

So we tried to come up with our own.

We’re all rascals here  – Friends of EatingwithPrecious

Is this Dizzee Rascals place? – also Friends of EatingwithPrecious.

The big sister of  Ballie Ballerson has opened to the public and its called RASCALS. 

I had been wanting to go here since I received the email about it’s opening.

I gathered a couple of my friends for a belated birthday celebration. 🎈🎉

The inside of Rascals has a cool funky interior, low lighting and pink vibes. It could be mistaken for a club if you walked past.

The menu consists of small plates (meat, fish)  and has options for vegetarians.

There’s an option for sharing plates but sometimes sharing is not caring! 🤣

We started the night with some Birthday shots  🎈 🎉

What did we order?

1. Lobster toast

The verdict:

Four out of five of us ordered this dish. This went down a treat on the table. Tasty fresh lobster with a bit with a sweet chilli 🌶 tang.  We wanted more!

2. Tempura squid spirals with Apple aioli, topped with squid ink 🍎 🐙

The verdict:

Two people ordered this. Another  tasty 😋 dish with a contrast of  sweet and salty. The squid ink crisp reminded us of salted crisps. This was a beautifully created dish. Trying squid ink was a first for many of us.

3. Dukkah, Carrots and Beets 🥕

The verdict:

Lucy, who is a vegetarian loved this dish. Dukkah is the spice sprinkles around the dish.

4. Cod waves 🌊 🐟

The verdict: 

A friend of EatingwithPrecious ordered this. His verdict – was an interesting appearance but a thumbs up for taste.

5.  Prosecco sprouts and cauliflower  🥂

The verdict: 

Although not mentioned in the name this also included blueberries and kale. Lucy raved about the sprouts.  I’m  someone who dislikes sprouts and avoids them in every roast dinner. I gave one a try and I must say they were delicious – sweet with a hint of prosecco aftertaste.

6.Pan roasted lamb rump 🍖 🥔

The verdict:

Now, this was easily the best dish of the evening 😋. Not only was the presentation great 👍🏾 the flavours from the lamb,  and gravy were mouthwatering.

✅ ⭐️

The only downside to this was the portion size!  MORE please!

The best dish of the evening

What did we order to Drink? 

Heineken 🍻

Yuzu Pretty- Cocktail 🍹

This was an aesthetically pleasing  drink. It’s made with Brandy, white rum, yuzu and matcha 🍵.  Sadly it’s a bit too strong for EatingwithPrecious.

After dinner 🍴 we moved next door 🚪 to BallieBallerson for some cocktails and fun in the adult ball pit.

The drink 🍹 of choice – Dabbie Dabberson a fun sweet cocktail with the Dip Dab sweet and sherbert. I even did the “Dab” dance move when I received my drink 💃🏾

Lots of balls and people having fun!

After watching people have fun we decided it was time to get involved.

Having fun Lucy in the adult ball pit.
Would EatingwithPrecious recommend Rascals? 

Absolutely, this is a cool restaurant with friendly staff.  Our waiter Pedro was great and so funny.

Friends of EatingwithPrecious thought Rascals is reasonably priced for it’s food and drinks and in a great location in shoreditch.

Although it’s recently opened, it’s still going through it’s soft opening and changes.

EatingwithPrecious has high hopes for the future of Rascals including the bottomless brunch!  This is on the list of places to return again in 2018.

Have you been to Rascals  or Ballie Ballerson?

Are you going to visit ?

Let me know!

P x

🇮🇹 Ciao Gusto Italy & Ocado First Anniversary 🇮🇹

EatingwithPrecious was invited to attend an event to Celebrate Italian Cuisine Week 2017 and the First Anniversary of the partnership between Ocado and Ciao Gusto Italy.





The dinner was held at the Italian Embassy in Grovesnor Square, London.  The Embassy head chef Danilo Cortellini 👨‍🍳 created the buffet menu using ingredients from the Ciao Gusto Italy range.

The Masterchef himself Danilo Cortellini and myself with fellow bloggers Paola (the tiny Italian) and Sima  (the curious pixie).




The UK Italian Ambassador Pasquale Q. Terracciano gave an opening speech about the partnership between Ocado and Ciao Gusto Italy.  This partnership allows Britons quick, convenient, online access to over 20 Italian brands and produce including Felippo Berio and Gallo.



He also discussed the Italian Cuisine Week and the initiatives and aspirations of the week.



Rosie Price from Ocado gave a speech about the journey of Ciao Gusto and Ocado and the next moves of the partnership.

After the speeches it was time for food:

The food included Canapés, Buffet, Bowl Food, Dolci and Dopo Cena.








Crostini “pane burro e acciughe” con cracker Colussi, acciughe e capperi Delicius (Anchovies on crackers).







Incredible selection of fried ravioli.

Mini arancini

 Bowl Foods 


The risotto! – Risotto carnaroli gran reserva gallo con zucca, salvia e polvere ddi caffe. – Pumpkin Risotto with coffee sprinkles.

Mozzarella di bufala Auricchio con filetti di acciughe, basilico e condimento al pomodoro a pezzettoni.


Mozzarella, tomato and anchovies.


Insalata di radicchio con aceto balsamico ponti, Gorgonzola aurricho, fichi e mandorle Noberasco.

Figs, cheese, Balsamic vinegar and almond salad 🥗





Cheesecake al caffe

Polenta Cake

The Embassy is beautiful with the most amazing interiors.


A fabulous table in the entrance of the Embassy.




Dopo Cena – Coffee ☕️ time


This was a fantastic evening full of delicious food 🍽🇮🇹😋.

My favourite dishes of the night: risotto and mini arancini balls.

The Italian Embassy is an incredible place full of history and phenomenal interiors.

Thank you to Sweetapple, Ocado, Ciao Gusto Italy and the Italian Embassy for this invitation!



Have you ever visited the Embassy?

Do you recognise any of the dishes?

Have you purchased from the Ciao Gusto Italy shop in Ocado?

Do you use any of the products from the brands at Ciao Gusto?

Let me know.

P x

Taste of London Festival  🎄🌟🥂2017

Taste of London 2017 Festive Edition 🎄 located in Tobacco Dock.  The three day festival is back! Featuring Michelin starred restaurants including Jamavar and an array of exhibitors.

Eating With Precious attended the festival on Friday 17th November.

What did EatingwithPrecious Eat?

This delicious Duck Bun from Chai Wu which can be located in Harrods.


The Dumpling Legend Beer Chicken

A northern China Donbei, cooked in Tsing Tao, Sichuan peppers

So spicy 🌶  with lotus root.

The most talked about dumplings at #TasteofLondon.

Sichuan Duck

Har Gau Crystal Prawn

Spinach Prawn



Michelin Starred Jamavar

Andhra Podi Prawns – rice and cornflour battered tiger prawns with a red chilli powder, spice and lentil sauce. 🍤  👑


Now time for the drinks

🥂 Drinks at Appletizer – A mocktail with Cranberry, Apple, Orange Juice and Dry Ice.

🥂 At Laurent Perrier


Baileys Hot Chocolate 🍫 🔥 ☕️ – Now I’m not really a baileys fan but I was converted! Emmett and Eric  you ✨

The Botanist was offering up gin masterclasses which included foraging and food pairing.


Now time for the  desserts 🍨 🍦🍫

Eating With Precious made it to Pan N Ice Instagram Story. Did you see the video?


Lastly the Jones’ Crumpet Baklava Rose Infused Crumpets 🌹


Taste of London is about more than food, there is an array of live music 🎶 , world cheese 🧀 competitions, and the opportunity to network.

Taste of London is on until 19th November then back again in 2018.

Did you make it to Taste of London this weekend?

Have you been to Taste of London before?

Did you spot EwP?

Let’s chat!

P x


✨🎉🍽Have you heard the news😮? ✨🎉🍽

Eating with Precious can organise food events for your special occasions. 

Eating with Precious sources out a selection of restaurants in the location of your choice and plans a eating celebration you’ll never forget. 

Are you on a budget? 

Do you have a a quick turnaround time for your event? 

Are you unsure where to go for food? 

Let Eating with Precious  take care of this! 

Eating with Precious works closely with a number of venues to give you the delicious  celebration 🎉 you want! 
Here are images of previous events 


Contact EatingwithPrecious today! 

Likya x Food Bloggers 🇹🇷

The best place in london for Turkish food 🇹🇷

(So good even a certain Turkish footballer visits!)

Likya has an Ocakbasi.  What is that I hear you ask?fire pit grill.


It was the restaurant chosen for the WDA  London food blogger event. This event was sponsored by Riddles Ice Tea.

This event brought together several London foodies all hungry for a taste of Turkish food and the opportunity to network.

What was served?

Starters: Delicious warm flatbread with sides of humus, cucumber, tomato, gherkins, black olives.

Turk Salatasi (A mixed salad) – shredded carrots, beetroot, mixed leaves topped with  feta cheese and a dressing. 

Lamb and yoghurt.


Mains:  Vegetarian option – falafels, humus and salad.

Mixed meat grill platter which included kebabs, lamb shish, chops on a bed of rice.


Dessert:  Baklava and Turkish delights.

Turkish Tea


Drinks: Likya offers an assortment of drinks, wines and beers but the drink of the evening was Riddles Tequila Iced Tea. Riddles Ice Tea blends moringa tea a super nutritious plant grown in Nigeria with the Mexican drink tequila (Eating with Precious’s guilty pleasure). This drink was a sweet drink with a slight fizz. As the alcohol content in each Riddles Iced Tea is low at 5% so no tequila worries!


What was the vibe of Likya?
Likya is a chilled restaurant yet it gets super busy. Besides us food bloggers being there, the rest of the restaurant was packed out!

Would Eating with Precious visit Likya again?

Absolutely, the food is delicious, staff are super quick and attentive.  The dish of the evening was: mixed meat grill!
Thanks WeDesignAnything, Likya and Riddles Iced tea for a great evening and a very full stomach! 


Persian Supperclub 



TXOKO? I hear you ask. What is that word? How do you pronounce it? CHOKO.

Where does it come from? It’s a basque word describing a secret gastronomical society.


Supperclubs and Persian food is new to Eating with Precious. Persian food uses  saffron, cardamom, raisins, dates and rosewater as main ingredients.

The supperclub is not only an evening for feasting it also a wine tasting experience.


  1.  1. Goat cheese & dried figs cigars with Za’atar
  2. Orange, dates & watercress salad
  3. Tahchin (Iranian layered rice) with lamb, black eyed peas and barberries
  4. Fereni (cream pudding) with Sohan-e-Qom (Saffron brittle with pistachio and almonds



  1. Hibiscus, Rosewater & Prosecco
  2. Petit Ballon Blanc




Goats Cheese and Dried Figs with Za’tar

Fereni with Sohan-e-Qom

Saffron brittle

Orange, dates and watercress salad

Fereni with Sohan-e-Qom



What were Eating With Precious’ thoughts?

The supperclub was a fun dining experience to try something new. The hosts (Reshma and Wendy) were full of knowledge having spent several months researching, shopping and cooking Persian food before settling on the final menu.  Reshma (Txoko Supperclub’s) wine expert talked through the wine choices and guests were invited to experience wine tasting.

The supperclub dining table was laid out beautifully, decorated with dried rose petals to match the Persian dinner theme.

All four courses were full of flavour and dish of the day was the Tahchin a multilayered dish with four rices, lamb and decorated with barberries.


Would Eating With Precious recommend the Txoko Supperclub?

Yes. the Persian menu is available for the next three months and the next event November 19th.

Txoko change their menu every three months so you can sample another taste of the west.



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Crazy Bear

Crazy Bear Resturant

A Fusion of Thai and English Cuisine.


What did EatingwithPrecious order?

  1. Sweet and Sour Crispy Sea Bream Fillets
  2. Cotswold Chicken Breast Green Curry
  3. Jasmine Tea Smoked Sticky Gloustershire Old Spot Pork Ribs
  4. Tempura Prawns
  5. Chocolate Creme Brulee
  6. Lychee Cheesecake



  1. Pornstar Martini
  2. Pina Colada
  3. Alcoholic Ginger Beer

What was the best part of the meal ?

The cotswold chicken green curry and Chocolate Creme Brulee!

Would EatingwithPrecious go again? 

Yes for the curry and cocktail offers!


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