Likya x Food Bloggers πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

The best place in london for Turkish food πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡·

(So good even a certain Turkish footballer visits!)

Likya has an Ocakbasi.  What is that I hear you ask?fire pit grill.


It was the restaurant chosen for the WDA  London food blogger event. This event was sponsored by Riddles Ice Tea.

This event brought together several London foodies all hungry for a taste of Turkish food and the opportunity to network.

What was served?

Starters: Delicious warm flatbread with sides of humus, cucumber, tomato, gherkins, black olives.

Turk Salatasi (A mixed salad) – shredded carrots, beetroot, mixed leaves topped with  feta cheese and a dressing. 

Lamb and yoghurt.


Mains:  Vegetarian option – falafels, humus and salad.

Mixed meat grill platter which included kebabs, lamb shish, chops on a bed of rice.


Dessert:  Baklava and Turkish delights.

Turkish Tea


Drinks: Likya offers an assortment of drinks, wines and beers but the drink of the evening was Riddles Tequila Iced Tea. Riddles Ice Tea blends moringa tea a super nutritious plant grown in Nigeria with the Mexican drink tequila (Eating with Precious’s guilty pleasure). This drink was a sweet drink with a slight fizz. As the alcohol content in each Riddles Iced Tea is low at 5% so no tequila worries!



What was the vibe of Likya?
Likya is a chilled restaurant yet it gets super busy. Besides us food bloggers being there, the rest of the restaurant was packed out!

Would Eating with Precious visit Likya again?

Absolutely, the food is delicious, staff are super quick and attentive.  The dish of the evening was: mixed meat grill!
Thanks WeDesignAnything, Likya and Riddles Iced tea for a great evening and a very full stomach! 

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