It’s the new year which meant it was time to venture and try something new!  Ramen Noodles. 

I ventured to Kanada-Ya, on a rather cold January evening with Sasha from Inspire LS magazine.

From the outside I could see Kanada-Ya was a place where I wanted to eat – a queue of people outside is always a good sign.

Kanada-Ya is a compact venue but it gives off major cosy vibes so don’t be put off by it’s size.    There are two sites in London incase you can’t beat the queue outside and do make sure you’re not #HANGRY when you get there to queue.

The staff inside Kanada-Ya were friendly and attentive right from the moment we sat down.  Both Sasha and I were unsure what to order especially as dishes included ingredients such as Wood Ear Fungus (yes,  you read that right), yuzu, and yadkiniku but our waiter gave recommendations which made it easier.

What was ordered:

1. Tonkotsu- (Pork belly, Pork Bone Broth, Seaweed, Ramen, Wood Ear Fungus, Spring Onions) with Hard Noodles. Kanada-Ya offers choices of noodle hardness.

2. Chasu Don (White Rice, Chashu Pork and Spring Onions)

3. Karage (Japanese fried chicken and yuzu mayo)

Chasu Don

This is a layered dish, pull away the pork and you uncover the rice. 


Look at the broth! 




All items on the menu were reasonably priced:

Tonkotsu – £10.50

Chashu Don £4.00

Karage £4.00

Both Sasha and I opted for non alcoholic drinks priced between £2-3.00


Best Dish?

Tonkotsu – It was really filling lots of Ramen noodles and the broth soup was tasty.  I was really aprehensive about the wood ear fungus. It doesn’t have a strong taste, it adds more texture to the broth and comes with a fragrant smell adding to the overall smell of the dish.


For more information about @Kanada-Ya

Thanks to Kanada-Ya and Sasha from  Inspire LS

Are you a Ramen fan 🍜?

Let me know

P x

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