Inamo – This is a quirky, interactive but super fun restaurant. Inamo prides itself on being a fusion of Japanese, Chinese, Thai and Korean cuisines.

What EatingwithPrecious ordered:
8 Sharing Plates Which consisted of:

  1. Spicy Salmon Maki Sushi Roll
  2. Korean Chicken Wings
  3. Salt and Pepper Squid Rings
  4. Scezhuan Chicken
  5. Vegetable Spring Rolls
  6. half a Crispy Duck
  7. Red Dragon Roll
  8. Korean Barbecue Ribs


Drinks: Two glasses of Prosecco

A lot of food… Right? (Yes we had a take away bag).

Which was the best of the food? – The Scezhuan Chicken, Salt and Pepper Squid, Spicy Salmon Maki Sushi Roll.

Check out Spicy Salmon Maki (Sushi Rolls).

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