🇮🇹 Ciao Gusto Italy & Ocado First Anniversary 🇮🇹

EatingwithPrecious was invited to attend an event to Celebrate Italian Cuisine Week 2017 and the First Anniversary of the partnership between Ocado and Ciao Gusto Italy.





The dinner was held at the Italian Embassy in Grovesnor Square, London.  The Embassy head chef Danilo Cortellini 👨‍🍳 created the buffet menu using ingredients from the Ciao Gusto Italy range.

The Masterchef himself Danilo Cortellini and myself with fellow bloggers Paola (the tiny Italian) and Sima  (the curious pixie).




The UK Italian Ambassador Pasquale Q. Terracciano gave an opening speech about the partnership between Ocado and Ciao Gusto Italy.  This partnership allows Britons quick, convenient, online access to over 20 Italian brands and produce including Felippo Berio and Gallo.



He also discussed the Italian Cuisine Week and the initiatives and aspirations of the week.



Rosie Price from Ocado gave a speech about the journey of Ciao Gusto and Ocado and the next moves of the partnership.

After the speeches it was time for food:

The food included Canapés, Buffet, Bowl Food, Dolci and Dopo Cena.








Crostini “pane burro e acciughe” con cracker Colussi, acciughe e capperi Delicius (Anchovies on crackers).







Incredible selection of fried ravioli.

Mini arancini

 Bowl Foods 


The risotto! – Risotto carnaroli gran reserva gallo con zucca, salvia e polvere ddi caffe. – Pumpkin Risotto with coffee sprinkles.

Mozzarella di bufala Auricchio con filetti di acciughe, basilico e condimento al pomodoro a pezzettoni.


Mozzarella, tomato and anchovies.


Insalata di radicchio con aceto balsamico ponti, Gorgonzola aurricho, fichi e mandorle Noberasco.

Figs, cheese, Balsamic vinegar and almond salad 🥗





Cheesecake al caffe

Polenta Cake

The Embassy is beautiful with the most amazing interiors.


A fabulous table in the entrance of the Embassy.




Dopo Cena – Coffee ☕️ time


This was a fantastic evening full of delicious food 🍽🇮🇹😋.

My favourite dishes of the night: risotto and mini arancini balls.

The Italian Embassy is an incredible place full of history and phenomenal interiors.

Thank you to Sweetapple, Ocado, Ciao Gusto Italy and the Italian Embassy for this invitation!



Have you ever visited the Embassy?

Do you recognise any of the dishes?

Have you purchased from the Ciao Gusto Italy shop in Ocado?

Do you use any of the products from the brands at Ciao Gusto?

Let me know.

P x

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