Cheesy Hasselback Potatoes Recipe If you came across my Hasselback Potatoes on Instagram, then here is the recipe. Time for preparation: 1 hour and 15 minutes Time to cook: 30-35 minutes ( But they may take longer so allow up to 45 mins) View this post on Instagram 🥔CHEESY HASSELBACK POTATOES ⁣🥔 — Link inContinue reading “HASSELBACK POTATOES WITH ROSEMARY AND PARMESAN”

A round-up of the places I ate in February 2020.

February 2020, felt like it was doing a 70mph in a 30mph zone. It felt like if you blink you will miss it. However, I found some lovely places to eat during the month including Brigit’s Bakery, The Table Cafe and Brown’s Brasserie and Bar.


  January – That long, cold, dark month after the anticipation of Christmas. January is that month that seems to go on forever, it felt like payday was an eternity away. Even though it was the same day as every month in 2019. Some people decided to go SOBER and complete DRY-JAN, although that hasContinue reading “5 PLACES IN LONDON, I ATE AT IN JANUARY 2020”

Things to do in London this Winter.

Ice Skating So I have to admit, I’m not great at this (I have witnesses) but it’s a must do at winter. Places to skate include Canary Wharf Ice Rink, Somerset House, The Natural History Museum to name a few. I went to Somerset House Hot Chocolate! There are so many places for magnificent HotContinue reading “Things to do in London this Winter.”

5 Street Food Restaurants to eat at for £10 or less

Sometimes you want to eat out but not spend lots of £££. Perhaps you want a quick bite to eat but not wait over 30 minutes for your food to be cooked/delivered. There are so many places to try, so here is my current 5 street food places to eat for £10 or less inContinue reading “5 Street Food Restaurants to eat at for £10 or less”


​ A taste of Buenos Aires, Argentina in the middle of the enchanting St Katharine Docks   REVIEW: What is CAU about? THINK ARGENTINA, THINK BEEF, THINK STEAK, THINK BURGERS, THINK FUN , THINK DELICIOUS, THINK CHIMICHURRI   CAU is an Argentinian restaurant based on the mixed Buenos Aires cuisine which has influences of Italy,Continue reading “CAU”

El Makami – Italian Tapas Restaurant Tenerife

Eating with Precious eats outside LONDON! In January 2018 Eating with Precious made it’s first journey outside the UK for 2018 and took on Tenerife for some winter sunshine. Although, the hotel I stayed at  Iberostar   in Costa Adeje was all inclusive, I felt the need to venture out of the dining room to aContinue reading “El Makami – Italian Tapas Restaurant Tenerife”


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